Waste Heat Utilization 
    CBA offers engineering services in power plant waste heat utilization.  A conventional power plant utilizes only about a third of the energy consumed, and the remaining two thirds is waste heat that is rejected to the environment.  For base load power plants employing a closed-cycle heat rejection system such as cooling towers, this waste heat may be effectively used by a number of industries requiring large quantities of low-grade heat.  CBA is experienced in planning waste heat energy parks and designing waste heat utilization systems to interface between the waste heat park and the electric power plant.  Waste heat is a frequently overlooked potential revenue source for many electric power plants, so let CBA show you how to modify your power plant to utilize the waste heat.  CBA can also help you identify and recruit waste heat users.  With higher oil and natural gas prices, many potential waste heat users face the prospect of going out of business and are eager to purchase waste heat at reasonable prices.  Let CBA help you increase your profit by selling your waste heat.

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