CBA can help you conduct an audit of your electric power plant turbine cycle to find lost megawatts and then help you plan and implement a cost-effective thermal performance improvement program that will result in improved turbine cycle efficiency.  By first baselining the thermal performance of your electric power plant including adjustments for seasonal effects, CBA can help you establish reasonable estimates of achievable plant performance based on certain key equipment performance parameters.  By monitoring and trending these key parameters for indications of degradation and by taking timely corrective action when indicated, you can improve your power plant thermal performance and make your maintenance activities more effective.  CBA can model your turbine cycle using commercially available computer codes such as PEPSE and SYNTHA not only to support operation of your plant but also to evaluate proposed modifications to improve your turbine cycle efficiency.  A thorough power plant analysis of the electric power cycle is often crucial for important thermal performance applications such as a power uprate of nuclear plants.  CBA is experienced in performing nuclear power plant thermal analysis to support a nuclear power uprate of nuclear power generation cycles.  Let CBA help you evaluate your electric power plant turbine cycle to find ways to get more megawatts from your plant.

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