CBA offers thermal performance engineering services to perform spray pond analysis and evaporative pond analysis.  CBA is experienced in performing ultimate heat sink spray pond analysis to satisfy the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulatory Guide 1.27, Ultimate Heat Sinks for Nuclear Plants.  CBA offers detailed designs, thermal analysis, and procurement of the Oriented Spray Cooling System (OSCS). Unlike a conventional spray pond in which spray nozzles are arranged in a flat bed and spray upward, the OSCS nozzles are mounted on spray trees arranged in a circle and are tilted at an angle oriented towards the center of the circle.  As a result, the water droplets drag air into the spray region while the warm air concentrated in the center of the circle rises.  Both of these effects work together to increase air flow through the spray region.  Increased air flow reduces the wet bulb temperature of the air in the spray pattern, promoting heat transfer and more efficient cooling.  An OSCS can offer significant savings in operation and maintenance costs over conventional cooling towers.  Although an OSCS requires more space and costs about the same as a mechanical draft cooling tower with comparable thermal performance, it requires no fans to operate, and the required pumping power is about the same.  As a result, the OSCS requires much less power to operate than a mechanical draft cooling tower, and the OSCS is virtually maintenance-free. Since the OSCS is more efficient than conventional spray ponds and since most of the heat transfer is by evaporation, the OSCS can serve as a highly efficient evaporative pond.  Let CBA assist you in improving the thermal performance of your spray pond or evaporative pond.

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