CBA offers engineering analysis of service water systems.  CBA offers both thermal and hydraulic ultimate heat sink analysis that complies with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulatory Guide 1.27, Ultimate Heat Sinks for Nuclear Power Plants, for rivers, lakes, ponds, spray ponds, and cooling towers.  A fully qualified hydraulic model can save your nuclear plant money in flow balance testing, evaluating modifications, and supporting abnormal operating conditions.  CBA can provide service water heat exchanger test specifications including uncertainty analysis and can help you implement a service water system performance monitoring program that fully meets the requirements of NRC Generic Letter 89-13 and ASME O&M Part 21.  CBA is experienced in addressing problems of carbon steel service water piping corrosion, sedimentation, and macrofouling that are common to most service water system piping.  CBA can help you increase the capacity of your service water system with innovative, cost-effective modifications that do not require additional pumps or increased motor horsepower.  Let CBA assist you in improving the performance of your service water system.

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