"Nuclear Plant Thermodynamics for System and Design Engineers" is taught by Chuck Bowman, P.E.  

    This course covers practical information on basic concepts and methods of thermodynamic analysis of nuclear power plant mechanical systems. 

    Day 1: Open and closed systems, properties of substances, phase change, ideal gases, relative and absolute humidity, work and heat transfer, first and second law of thermodynamics, Carnot and Rankine cycles, regeneration, moisture removal, and reheat. 

    Day 2: ASME Steam Tables, Mollier diagram, turbine throttle valves, high pressure turbines, moisture separators, reheaters, low pressure turbines, condensers, and condenser circulating water systems.  

    Day 3: Condenser analysis, hotwell subcooling, condenser air removal, tube-side fouling, condenser performance, feedwater heaters, steam generators, heat rate and thermal efficiency. 

    Day 4: Main feed pump turbines, turbine drains, cycle isolation, mass balance, heat exchangers, turbine seals, cooling towers, cooling lakes, and spray ponds. 

    "Nuclear Plant Thermodynamics for System and Design Engineers" is taught periodically as solicited courses.  The courses can also be scheduled for presentation at your facility. 

    Contact CBA for more information on these courses or to contact former course participants. 

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