CBA is a mechanical engineering consulting firm serving the electric power generation industry since 1994, maintaining a small permanent staff to minimize overhead costs.  Through a loose association of highly skilled specialists, CBA can pull together a project team to meet your special needs.  Chuck Bowman, the President of CBA, is a licensed Professional Engineer in Tennessee with over 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering.  Mr. Bowman worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for 28 years where he was involved in the design, construction, and operation of the largest electrical generating system in the United States.  Each CBA associate has over 20 years of related experience.  CBA can put this experience to work for you either in our offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, or at your facility. 

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Chuck Bowman Associates, Inc.
110 Henderson Bend Rd.
Knoxville TN 37931
Telephone: (865) 945-2027
FAX: (865) 945-5118
e-mail: cbainc@usit.net